May Featured Artist: Alise Sewell


This month we are excited to celebrate Hillsboro’s very own artisan, Alise Sewell of Branch Collective! Exactly one year ago, Alise joined our team at Perks of Art and we have loved displaying her product and getting to know the incredible woman behind it all. With an eye for simplicity and a talent across many mediums, it was an honor to spend the day at her studio talking and creating.

The official brand, Branch Collective, began in October 2016 but growing up in a highly artistic family, Alise has always had a passion for hands-on crafting. What started as a hobby, as gifts for herself, friends and family has transformed into a successful business as well as a reflection of her lifestyle.

The name ‘Branch Collective’ is quite significant to her creative journey thus far and serves as a representation of her values and aspirations for the art community. Alise believes the arts should be inclusive; where individuals come together to share their work, their stories and to learn from one another. She takes pride in having acquired her trade knowledge from her family - that her artwork stems from a collective learning environment and she pays homage to that through her business.

Not only is the collective a tribute to people in her life but also with the materials she uses; minimizing waste and promoting sustainability, she uses the same piece of leather to create larger clutches and will work it down until the last bits have been transformed into jewelry. Alise is inspired by natural and organic materials and while her brand was originally clay, cloth, wood and wire, it has since evolved primarily to leather, wood and metal. Each medium serves a unique purpose and are created in different environments and with a different creative outlook - but most importantly, they all blend with her aesthetic: clean, simple, minimal.  

Alise creates with the hope that her customers will find a sense of peace in her minimalist designs; beauty in simplicity. I watched as she measured and cut an elegant, leather dog leash; adorned with a solid brass hook and screws. The process was smooth and clean – her artistic mannerisms coincided beautifully with her brand. She is truly a reflection of what she promotes.

Outside of running her own business, Alise books and promotes local artists at various Insomnia Coffee Co. locations. She finds joy in being able to provide an outlet, support and connections for other artists which we at Perks are grateful for as we have discovered many artists through her! She is a wonderful asset to the growth of Hillsboro’s art community.

Branch Collective is a one-woman show and Alise loves every part of the process: creating, branding, marketing and social media. While she never anticipated her business becoming something so influential, she is proud of where she’s at and is entertaining the idea of even more growth. Currently, she displays her products in numerous galleries and shops around the Portland-metro area and has a busy summer ahead, filled with markets and festivals – all of which can be found on her website. It has been a pleasure to spend the last year working with Alise; to find peace and a sense of calm not only in her product, but in her company. We look forward to seeing what’s to come and are honored to play a part in her journey!

Learn more about Alise at:
BranchCollective (Instagram)